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“It’s the foundation for a future of growth, collaboration and strength for orthopaedic organizations across orthopaedics. It will change the way we work—together—and empower us to use our resources more effectively for the benefit of our members, practices and patients.”

David C. Templeman, M.D.

Steering Committee
Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis
Member of Building Orthopaedics Campaign

“We’re facing a generation of growing demand for our practice, a world of new possibilities for patient care, and, as these charts demonstrate, a host of new challenges and realities in healthcare. We must be ready to rise to the challenge— by preparing for increasingly complex cases, by training the next generation of surgeons, and by pioneering and disseminating new practices and technologies.”

Daniel J. Berry, M.D.

Mayo Clinic Member of Building Orthopaedics Campaign Steering Committee

The new OLC will transform learning opportunities for orthopaedic surgeons today and tomorrow, and the impact of this campaign will be felt for an entire generation. It's a tremendously meaningful chance to leave a legacy in our field.

Freddie Fu, M.D.

University of Pittsburgh. Medical Center
Member of Building Orthopaedics Campaign Steering Committee

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Jo A. Hannafin, MD
President, 2013-14
American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine

Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD Chairman Building Orthopaedics Campaign

Jeffrey S. Abrams, MD Second Vice-President, 2013-14 Arthroscopy Association of North America

a historic moment for orthopaedic surgery

This is an historic moment for orthopaedic surgery, with growing demand, new technologies and treatments, and new healthcare realities all shaping the future of our profession. The Building Orthopaedics fundraising campaign is our shared effort to build the foundation for a future of growth, collaboration and strength for orthopaedics and orthopaedic professional organizations.

Dr. Zuckerman

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